Monday, January 18, 2021

Making Jewelry - Part 4

We have covered a lot of territory in this Series, from choosing your jewelry making tools and materials to experimenting with beading techniques. My fourth and final blog post of this Series will cover wire working. I hope you’ll leave a comment on the Series as a whole and let me know if you are a beginner, you learned something valuable, you were inspired to try it, etc.

A variety of phrases are used to describe working with wire. Here are my definitions based on some research and my experiences.

Wire wrapping means wrapping wire around something else, like a stone or a bead or maybe even another wire. Here’s ...

Monday, January 4, 2021

Making Jewelry - Part 3

Welcome back to Jewelry Making 101! My plan is to point you to resources I am familiar with and also share what I am interested in exploring in the future. This is my third blog post on the subject and I sure hope you have been enjoying this Series so far.

To start, this paragraph has nothing to do with making jewelry. In Part 2 of this Series I shared a creative alternative of macrame and a link. Well, curiosity got the best of me and that project drew me and my brand new macrame board like a magnet. I made two of those Christmas trees! It was fairly difficult to learn as my first macrame project and I ripped it out about 8 times getting started. I confess to lots of frustration but I am known to be tenacious so I stuck with it. By the end of the first tree I had more confidence so I made a second one that was close to perfect. Challenge appreciated, curiosity relieved, and a new skill learned, I sent both of them to my sister who loves to decorate. Here they are, complete with holiday cheer: Ta-dahhh...!

I know, I digress...