Monday, February 12, 2024

Winter 2024 from Tucson

Happy Valentine's Day
Strange as it may seem, and as in love as I am with life and my hubby, I am not a huge fan of the heart theme that plasters everything from cellophane to cereal. So when I want to express my sense of heart-ness I tend to create my own shapes, mostly free hand. I consider them such an important symbol that, for me to produce any, is a rarity. Here are a very few from those creative moments in hopes of filling your upcoming day with True Love.

Should I sell online again?
I've been hearing from a few of you that this long distance relationship isn't working well for you. As you may know, I sell through several retailers in and around Tucson. This has allowed me to focus more on my artistry than marketing. But it feels like the shift is coming back, where people I am coming to know and those who have purchased from me before are feeling left out on accessibility to my creations. If you don't travel to Arizona, there is currently no chance to purchase my works unless you contact me for a commissioned piece. SPECIAL REQUEST- If you are one of those people who misses browsing my site and discovering uniquely designed gifts for yourself and others then please let me know as I'm considering reopening my online shop at Tina's Sedona with items priced suitably for direct purchase from me. If you have not purchased from my business then I would appreciate you visiting my work to make your decision.

Settling in - at last
I cannot believe that it will be 5 years in May since we left Florida and moved to the Great Southwest. Ups and downs, ins and outs, have -at last- led us to a peaceful, non-nomadic life once again. I know that's true because we have begun to paint interior walls -at last- in colors that reflect who we have become during this phase and in this place. And it is beautiful. Terra cotta and greige stone colored walls are a nice fit for living in the Sonoran Desert. Subdued spring green has been slightly sprinkled in our kitchen adjacent to a wall where we breakfast in the shadow of terracotta sandstone. The bedroom is next! I think that lovely spring green is somehow going to filter into that space. I'm picturing purple and mustard accents making an appearance but I don't know just where. (Dark purple doors sound like fun.) Oh, but to finally have a choice of colors in which to live! This all feels so wonderful, just like the Tucson sunsets. And all of the colors are being drawn from this one piece that Nathan bought locally at an estate sale.

Tucson Gem Show Update
Congratulate me! I stayed home. I beat my addiction this time. 'Nuf said.

A Shameless Promotion
Last month I promised you a story on this but I failed to notice that I don't present to our local textile Guild until February 27th so there is a delay in reporting on my "ta-dah moment" in beads. The least I can do is provide you with a small peek... and "yes" that is tiger eye!

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My wish for you...
That you are staying warm and dry wherever you are this winter. It has been so cold in Tucson that I bought myself a new pair of slippers!


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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Show Time

Tucson Gem Show

From January 19 through February 11th, Tucson will burst open with so many venues and visitors that all heads will be spinning.
There is so much gemstone related inventory for sale at this event that you really must attend to get the full sense of its magnitude. The beads that hold my interest are just a small part of the whole event. Speaking of which, I have made a personal decision that I will NOT purchase any beads this time around. My studio is at the bulging point. That said, I may go just to socialize with new friends (a gift!) and just browse (wish me luck!)

DIY ear wires

So, who doesn't like to buy inexpensive, fun and festive earrings just as a pick me up!? You know the ones I mean. They have tiny, bright beach balls hanging about 2 inches long and you just happen to be planning a pool party. What about the more sedate, artistic pair with cultural symbols stamped into shiny metal? You are in that "organic mood" and they draw you in. But I wonder if you ever walked away thinking the ear wires looked "cheap". (Is there a better word for it?) Better yet, is there a solution?

Yes, buy them and replace the ear wires. You can buy them from jewelry supply stores. Even better, you can make them yourself
and give that pair of earrings a whole new level of sophistication. (You really don't need fancy tools as professed by social media.) Here is a pair that I purchased from a dollar store and immediately replaced the ear wires with my DIY creation.

The added value to DIY ear wires is that you can renew your current earring collection wherever it is needed. You will start wearing a wider variety of them because they will look so much nicer after you have added your touch. Here is a pair of earrings I made along with its ear wires. Look how I added an odd squiggle of wire between the dangle and the actual ear wire. You too can go wild! Just find something to wrap wire around. If you want to explore working with wire, see my blog post from 2021. Hey, it's a New Year, a New You.
Apologies if not all the photos are still there. I did some house cleaning and I've got some recovery work yet to do. The links do appear to be working.

A Shameless Promotion

As a member of the Tucson Handweavers & Spinners Guild, I am scheduled in February to present to our local guild membership a brief overview of what I do best. Bead! I am keeping my subject matter under wraps for now but once that date passes I will unveil the final product of my second biggest beaded project ever. Stay tuned for my February blog! Just a hint-ful peek here...
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New Avenues

I continue to hone my French beading skills and used the pattern from my very first piece "Wild Roses" designed by Fen Li of and described in my blogpost of August 2023 to create a smaller version as a gift for a friend. It was the first time I have modified sizing and structure of a French beaded pattern and also the first time I had to pot one of my creations. I used non drying modeling clay atop styrofoam to plant the flowers and found small green gravel rocks to complete the composition. She loved it!

This week, a brand new project has arisen for a cool bracelet that requires three layers of beads to complete. The color combos really have impact as the bracelet can be revolved to display a new look.

As I close on a very chilly day in Arizona, my wish for you is that the New Year brings you opportunities to see yourself differently, love yourself more, and be happier with who you are...


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