Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Springing Forward 2024

My Shameless Promotion

My presentation to Members of the Tucson Handweavers & Spinners Guild on February 27th was an utter success. After delivering a twenty-minute PowerPoint tour of my artistic phases, I landed on my latest obsession with French Beading. My final "ta-dah moment" in beads was amplified by lots of applause and several gasps at the sight of my finished Black Aeonium piece designed by the very talented Lauren Harpster @beadandblossomstudio. The experience presenting to a large group was empowering for me and the audience's reaction and applause was so encouraging that I literally jumped up and down with delight. (Yup, I was actually overpowered by joy...) LOL

A Buggy New Project

I am hoping to submit my concept of a French beaded sculpture in early April for an
upcoming juried show at Tohono Chul that will run May 16 - August 5, 2024. The Exhibit's theme this time is "The Exotic Sublime | treading softly". At the current moment I am prototyping bugs! I'm going out on a limb here by telling you my plan because I don't believe in jinxes. My hope is to append "something that crawls" to a French Beaded piece I constructed many months ago... Here is one of my bugs and the Asiatic Lily (another fabulous design by Lauren Harpster) from which it will spring forth and "tread softly"... The bugs are my design! Keep your fingers crossed that I meet the deadline...

We are Off, Again

Next month we head back to Northern Arizona and this time visit Monument Valley and Moab, just to name a few stops along a 1400 mile route that we will drive in nine days. One of our stops will be to Bryce Canyon which we've driven through but never hiked. Barring any major snow hazards we hope to get down into the hoodoos! If you haven't yet visited the Southwest, we highly recommend early spring if you want to avoid the crowds. Even during other times of the year, research the views in less travelled areas. If you do enough research you can ride down roads and capture what many others will never see. Here's one vision from a drive we took in Hurricane, Utah, about three years ago where we stumbled onto a perch from which I caught a glimpse of Zion National Park in the far distance. A priceless, unrushed, silent experience with no crowds. We are doing lots more car touring than hiking these days which presents many photography opps are unexpected, thrilling, and striking!

I enjoy keeping in touch with you! My wish for you this Marchy Month is that Spring -- in whatever form it takes for your part of the country -- opens you up for new adventures, especially before the heat of summer comes your way.

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