Saturday, August 26, 2023

Summer Has Flown

Beat The Heat

Rumor has it, here in Tucson, that there are just under 40 days left to the monsoon season. Summers are an interesting adventure here, especially this past week when a weather alert brought us out of our chairs and to instantly snapping pictures of what looked like oncoming disaster. I am familiar with the crazy "lightning capital of the world" experiences of our past life in Florida but these clouds were looking atomic. Is it weird that I found myself thinking about our homeowners policy?

We live in the Sonoran desert which gets as hot as hell and is destined to get hotter next summer (oh gawd). But aren't so many of us living in excessive heat these days? and for longer periods? Here's a thought...

If you have tired of summer confinement then why not experiment with something new? I've got a free series of four blog posts that I wrote when I tired of pandemic confinement. Have you guessed? They mention beads.

Whatta Whatta?

If you follow me daily on Instagram or Facebook then you already know that I've fallen in love with French beading. It is giving me a different perspective on wired beadwork in which I am already pretty experienced. This practice is teaching me a brand new skillset and propelling me into a whole different realm! My first project was French beaded wild roses taught by Fen Li @beadflora, an amazing instructor. Find her at My most recent creation represents an Asiatic Lily with a wild colorway. The designer is Lauren Harpster who is also an easy-to-follow instructor @beadandblossomstudio. You can learn too! Go to and/or join the Facebook group called "learn how to french bead"... Visit me on social media for more detailed photos during construction.

Get on board. This is FUN. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere...

Tucson Presence

Tina Sedona's uniquely beaded wearable art is coming to Petroglyphs | a tucson emporium. @petroglyphstucson -- In the next few weeks it will all begin to unfold at 160 South Avenida del Convento, Ste 156, Tucson. I'm excited and proud to be accepted by this beautiful establishment located in the Monier Building @mercadosanagustin. It's like walking into a kaleidoscope of so many colors. This shop is gorgeous and so beautifully located on the west side of Tucson. Over three dozen pieces of my jewelry will be available very soon. Watch for an announcement on social media.

I've been exposed

This has been a bonus summer for me, not only artistically, but professionally. I was fortunate to exhibit in a juried show at the Tohono Chul Gallery in Tucson for several months. Details are in my May post.

Within four days of collecting my work from that exhibits' close, I was excited to be included in the 2023 Members' Open Exhibit at the Tubac Center of the Arts Gallery. A live Facebook preview of the Exhibit was recorded just hours before it opened to the public on August 11, 2023. View the recording to see fabulous works of art of seventy-five artists. My Desert Transition Necklace was featured between 4:10 and 4:32. The Exhibit opening brought a packed house and I received wonderful reactions to my work. This Exhibit closes on September 17th so make haste not to miss it! Didn't I say I would find a nice spot to show it?

Tubac Presence

I'm entering my third season selling Tina's Sedona's beaded wearable art in both the Gift Shop at the Tubac Center of the Arts and The Feminine Mystique Art Gallery where I continue to be a Featured Artist and will participate in several art walk events this year. Both venues are located in the relaxing environment of the La Entrada de Tubac, a popular eclectic shopping area. After a typically hot Southwestern summer hiatus, both of these venues will return to regular hours of operation on September 1st. I'm ready for a great season ahead...

...and I wish you a great season ahead in which you thrive in unexpected ways...

Tina's Sedona © All Rights Reserved


  1. Beautiful work Tina! Congrats!!!

  2. I’ve just gotten around to reading your blog post. It sounds like you’re doing amazing work and living your best life in Tucson. Know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers and that do you have transitioned so successfully to this new life.


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