Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Summer Musings of a Distracted Artist

It is official. I am considered an Artist. Though several wonderful mentors have told me so repeatedly I have barely had time to get used to the whole idea and now it seems like it's official since I participated in my first Gallery showing last week. Even more solid proof is
that my artwork will be on public display in one place, an actual Gallery, until August 7th, 2023.

Are you artistic? If you have no interest in this subject, just skip down to "Time to Lighten Up" and read about my summer sale.

If so, is your mind full of ideas that engulf it, spin it into distracting visions on a daily basis, and make it nearly impossible for you to narrow down the best idea with which to engage?

Are artists supposed to prioritize projects to...avoid getting distracted by loose ends? Doesn't distraction play a role in inspiring us? Is there a reasonable way to balance the two?

Do artists have to choose one approach, one practice, one skill in order to live peacefully and avoid the insanity that comes with being overwhelmed by creative stimuli?

How do dates on a calendar disrupt creativity within us? Are we to abandon committing to "what's next" and dabble in multiple projects leaving it all to chance? (i.e., trust the Universe to decide) This is probably the strongest reason I have for writing this blog post as I've been driven into an overwhelmed state of mind by imagined demands on my time. But I digress... (and I guess I'm proving my point by not staying on subject.)

All these questions have bombarded me after having attended my first Reception for the Artists at the Tohono Chul Gallery in Tucson last week. I am displaying my work in a new kind of venue that is neither a gift shop nor a retail shop.

a bouquet of French beading - (fyi, NOT my work)

The most dominant questions of all seem to loom over me. What expectations do I have for myself now, and what will others now expect from me? Do I have to give up something to stay sane as an Artist? Stay tuned, because I sure as heck don't know the answer. If you have any for me, please share in the comment area and be willing to leave your name if you wish to dialogue on this subject.

Lightbulb... Idea: "Ohhh, I should start a Facebook Page for this." "NO, Tina, just NO."

What I do know is that my daily posts to Instagram and Facebook continue as usual but with one major change. Due to summer heat and slowed tourist traffic, one of my retailers has closed for several months. Those beauties are now in my hands with reduced pricing (no consignment fees!) and available on a daily basis if you follow me on the social media I mentioned. I'm even making new pieces available just for the summer. That is, of course, if I am able to pull myself together, set limits on my curious explorations (now considering French beading and learning to weave on a loom where NO beads are involved), and relax into what I do best. Beading. Preferably with gorgeous raw stones. Just "feel it", focus on it, and enjoy the creative process for at least those moments before the "cosmic interventions" begin again. Wish me luck with all that! I think it might be time to turn a relaxing focus on our May vacation pics... this one of the Colorado River at Lee's Ferry, Arizona.

Be well, friends. Thanks for your support of my small woman-owned business.


  1. You are amazing! I Love, Love, Love your energy! The artistic mind literally flys from one creative idea to the next in a Nano second. You got my thoughts spinning just reading your blog! 😘

    1. Nivette, I love your energy too! Which is why I'm open to hearing about any method you use to manage all that spinning...😘❣️🙏

  2. Thinking of you in St Pete when you created a wonderful garden with Nathan and business of selling from that garden, plus home made soup and more. You are a fountain of ideas and I am so happy that you found beading and love it.

  3. St. Pete Locally Grown was a huge creative outlet as well...Thanks for recognizing that! I believe this latest venture will always include beads. That said, I feel a shift taking place. I'm just trusting and hanging on for the ride. Be well!


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