Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Inspiration is all around me!

One of the main reasons that my husband and I moved from the Southeastern US to the Southwestern US is our attraction to the mountainous desert here. We were bored with the humid jungle of Florida so we opted for arid Utah to make a change. And what a change it is! We currently live in the Northeast corner of the Mohave Desert and thought we would be here six months or so before moving on to other explorations of the West. We were wrong! We are fascinated with the landscapes that are flush with desert colors and splashed with green life here and there. Whenever we hike these areas, my chest gets full of excitement as I absorb the sights and listen to the sounds, or lack thereof. What peaceful places we are finding! And we expect to stay here at least another year.

I come home from our adventures full of fresh air and an ache to pick up my jewelry making where I left off. You see, one seems to feed the other. I hope you will enjoy this blog from time to time as I progress with my artistry. Enjoy the view of our latest jaunt to Hell's Hole in Ivin's, Utah.

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