Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Hoop earrings are back?

A fashionable friend of mine recently wised me up and told me they never left! Then I discovered an article from last summer that attests to their long term popularity over thousands of years. Seriously? Thousands of years? Obviously not a fashion queen, I thought they had gone out of style since I wore them in the 70's.

It is only when I started making them for customers that I thought about wearing them again.

Personally, I have to wear small ones because big hoops are just too long for my neck. I am also over 60 so the larger they are, the more foolish (I think) I look. I wanted a pair for myself that was small and sedate for a mature woman but had a little bling to them. So, a few years back, I set out to make a whole lot of beaded wire hoops about 1-inch around, the size of a quarter. Those were the perfect size for me!

At one point, I got bold and created a huge pair that I named "Sedona Salad". There have been NO takers for those (yet) as you need a long neck and have to be under 25 to wear them (just kidding!).

Then recently, due to the article I found, I decided to branch out, making three totally different sizes. They poured out of me like water! OK. So the smallest size came out larger than 1-inch but who can stop when you're having so much fun?! Here is that completed bevy of hoops that I am still in the process of posting to my website.

With all this recent experimentation, I was ready to tackle a new pair of 1-inch earrings and pursue a different style just to keep it interesting, and, in doing so, I hit the jackpot for my face and temperament! I can't wait to make more. These hoops all have a hammered surface to reflect more light and just a small spray of beads to make them more interesting.

Here are a few of my personal collection and I love wearing them! They feel perfect for my age and they are light and whimsical. I feel like having fun whenever I wear them. So now I am planning to produce this 1-inch style for the website. I just have to start making them.

The more I make jewelry the more I realize that each piece is such a personal item. That said, I have come to the conclusion that hoops are wearable for all ages. Just find the right size for your personal taste. Experiment with different sizes. If you use scarfs or wear high collars that can interfere with your earrings, they are too big for you. At the least, use ear wire stoppers so you don't lose an earring! Stay tuned for all the hoops getting posted.

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