Friday, April 21, 2023

Prelude to Summer in Tucson

Hello to Friends far and wide,

Vacay - next week Nathan and I will leave Tucson for the first time since we moved here two years ago to visit an old haunt of ours -- The Vermillion Cliffs in Northern Arizona. Marble Canyon is a place there that we have been yearning to explore instead of just driving through it. My heart can feel that energy already. It still lives "up there". It's hard to explain what it feels like for a vortex to plant itself within your psyche. I'm bringing my GoPro (and maybe a few beads...) Stay tuned!

Blooms - Right now the roadside and the desert scrub is flowering in all shades of yellow on all kinds of plants which will take the rest of my life to learn the names of. Very soon, cactus flowers are going to follow suit and burst into flame with yellow, white, and red flowers. I am particularly drawn to the...

ocotillo plant with its reddish orange flowers. It grows massively tall!

Artistry - I just recreated my website as an artist's portfolio (again) and I am mighty proud of it. I love Wix's editor and I have so much more power at my fingertips. When you take a look at Tina's Sedona, you will notice (again) that I no longer sell creations through my website. I do, however, point you to where you may find them in person. That said, I can't help but offer items through my social media accounts on Instagram (IG) and Facebook (FB), mostly on new works that have not yet been offered to local retailers. All you have to do is follow me and then message me to arrange the sale. I am still doing occasional custom work and find that many people contact me for earrings they need to complement a piece of jewelry they already own and treasure. Smart people!

Courage - I recently applied to the Tohono Chul Gallery in Tucson to show my artistry in an exhibit entitled "The Exotic Sublime" which will run for a couple of months this summer. I should find out within the next few days whether or not I've been accepted. It's my first submission ever for a gallery exhibit, so cross your fingers, your eyes, and your legs..... I am feeling very lucky lately, so who knows? I submitted for exhibiting my largest piece yet as part of a trio from my Surface Design Collection.

The Mother's Day Sale - This event in progress on my social media pages honors my mother, Queen Aurora, who passed away back in 2014. She would be so pleased to have a sale held in her honor! She loved to shop, especially at the Dollar Store. LOL. I'm pretty sure that now she will expect this Sale to be an annual event. It's not too late for you to see the selections! Check Instagram for sales items that started posting back on April 7, 2023. The posts didn't catch up to Facebook until April 19, 2023. (Thanks again, FB!)

Spring - Soon the high temperatures will hit Tucson and I just won't care. Just like when Florida was hot and humid in the summer I will be indoors playing with my beads. What will you be doing with yourself?
My best wishes to each of you for continued good health and thriving friendships!
Would love to hear from you! Send a note!

Tina @ Tina's Sedona Tucson, Arizona

Our backyard hiking view

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