Monday, October 2, 2023

A Fall Respite

New Subscribers

Let's get this part out of the way. I confess to having added new subscribers without asking permission. Without a subscribe box on my website I have no way to recruit subscribers. My subscribers are important because they encourage me and help spread the word about my artistry. I know that I can count on you to unsubscribe if you do not want to receive these blog posts. Just follow instructions at the bottom of the email you've received. PS. Do you know that you can tap on any of these pictures and zoom in for a closer look?

Spring Memories

This year, in the April-May timeframe we headed for Northern Arizona where I had my first GoPro camera experience. I decided not to get fancy and put in time editing it all. You will hear the sounds of wind blowing and the tapping of my walking sticks. You can always mute the sound. It is the scenery that counts. This video is overall pretty peaceful -- and about 8 minutes long -- if you are curious about what it's like to hike a trail that overlooks the Colorado River and the distant launch area for all those Grand Canyon rafting trips. It was a stunning experience to be hiking in what was obviously a boulder field created from major rock slide events over the past thousands (or millions?) of years. Mind boggling.

Inquiring Minds

In my quest to interest you in working your hands into new skills, may I suggest you explore micro macrame? You may have made those large plant hangers years ago. The only difference between the two, that I know of, is that micro macrame uses a much thinner cord. I made these earrings a year or so ago and I'm still fascinated by the intricacy and the impact of those tiny cords woven using such simple techniques.
It is easier than you can imagine. If you have not done any macrame before, start with a larger cord and a simple project like this one to learn the different knots.

French Beading Addiction

Just 34 days since wrist surgery and my 1-inch scar is barely visible. I'm using a new technology for both new and old scars that uses silicone. It's a must-see product. So you have to know that I have not wasted any time getting to work on a creation of French Beaded Succulents designed -- again -- by Lauren Harpster of There are lots of individual components to the assembly including leaves that resemble bananas!

Please Request Your Calendars
This year's annual calendar-- published by the Feminine Mystique Art Gallery in Tubac, Arizona where I am a featured artist-- is now available. Here is last year's calendar featuring my wire wrapped Navajo Sandstone pendant necklace.

Starting with five artists 25 years ago, the Gallery now represents the works of over 85 talented women. Their calendar focuses on these artists' best work and will include some of mine. They are 6" x 9" wall calendars and will make great gifts no matter how you celebrate the holidays. Purchase one or several for $6 each including shipping. Yes, I have slashed the price since I have FIFTY to sell. Support my investment in these and receive some beautiful and useful gifts by emailing me your postal address with whatever count you want. (Yes, I will accept orders for one calendar.) I'll contact you for prepayment. Thank you for your support!

Holidays 2023

With the onset of October, Tucson will begin to cool off. What it also means is that the holidays are approaching. With three retail locations working on my behalf I feel very blessed. (Hard work does pay off) With some excess inventory on hand f
or this season, I have made a commitment to "slow down", exercise my body more, and help my husband paint the inside of our home. (For me, slowing down equates to taking my foot off a warp-speed gas pedal.) I'm excited about the paint colors we are choosing from this original painting my husband bought from The Girls Estate Sales in Tucson. We are mesmerized by it!

And Speaking of Painting
My husband Nathan has taken up with watercolors. No lessons. Just talent. Nuf said. Here is his SECOND painting...
He will get NO competition from me!

I wish for you a fun & festive Fall season ahead. Do look out for wayward boulders!

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  1. Love your latest blog Tina, especially the video. Thank you for sharing. So happy to see you and Nate out and about soaking up your surroundings. 🌞Sherri

  2. Thanks, Sherri! We are truly free out here... It's hard to define why but it's all good. Sending you good wishes!

  3. I’m finally back from England and have a little time to catch up. All is well here I will be moving to SEBRING after the first of the year following a hip replacement surgery. I’ve got lined up. It’s a Malabar spinach the other day. A woman here and SEBRING is growing in her garden. I think of you often and it’s Nathan. His water colors are gorgeous. We’ll catch up sometime when I’m in Saint Pete. Much love RITA.

    1. How wonderful, Rita! I am so thrilled for the life you are building. It seems like, at our age, the time has come to fulfill everything on our bucket lists. Love you madly, T - good luck with surgery!

  4. Beautiful new work Tina, and Nathan's work is very impressive as well! ~Sylvia Herrera

    1. Thanks so much, Sylvia! From a wonderful water colorist such as yourself, your feedback is so valuable to us. I encourage my followers to visit your website to see the Very Fine Art that you create at

  5. Love every bit of it. You guys certainly did the thing


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