Tuesday, November 28, 2023

December already?

Winter coming to the Southwest

Living in the Southwest has advantages with fairly stable weather in spring and early fall. It is piping hot in the summer! Yet winter can be a whole other story. Cooler winds are now migrating through the Tucson desert and snow is already hitting Northern Arizona and heading into Utah. If you have ever experienced Utah's famed Zion National Park, then you already know the beauty and the wonder of its sandstone panorama. But if you have never seen this magical place in winter, here is a peek at white out conditions several years ago. It was a memorable day and one we would have missed if we hadn't lived in the vicinity.

Easy holiday gifts - Wire woven rings

Learn something new! Start with a simple wire weave and impress your friends with a gift! You probably have some form of the recommended tools already on hand. My motto: "fake it til you make it". Here are a few of my first efforts and then a different approach (at the rear) when I decided to get more advanced. Just let the wire talk to you...

Touche... for Tunisian Crochet

If you like working with yarn, here's something you may not know about. Tunisian crochet. A good friend recently recommended it, having quickly advanced through the various stitches. It is a nice change to experience and, surprisingly, it does not look like any crochet I have ever done. It is always a wonder to discover that there are variations on a skill you thought you had mastered. I found a great instructor on YouTube and I have the basic pattern down. Here is my first swatch with just a few wonky edges... Does that look like crochet to you? I can't wait to learn the next stitches!

Since the pace of life picks up at this time of year for many of us, I will keep this post short! (You're welcome...) My wish for you is that your Holidays will be peaceful -- in a place where you feel honored and loved.

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  1. Happy winter Tina, respite from the summer heat. Loved your video of Zion. You always have your hands busy with something. Looking forward to our next close encounter. Happy holidays.

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