Monday, March 15, 2021

Writing it Down

Author’s Note: Life has forever changed from the Pandemic of 2019. My perspective on it continues to morph as I hear about friends sickened by it, friends vaccinated because of it, and those who choose not to participate. For at least the next 3 to 5 years, I think I’ll be reflecting on life after Covid-19 and the challenges and opportunities it has brought us. Some of us will be calling it the “new normal” for a very long time. Personally, I see no point in looking back at pre-pandemic living, just to ache for its return. It's time to move on...

There will never be a better time to start recording your thoughts and experiences than right now. It is never too late. There are many forms it can take. Write letters, write short stories, write a novel, author a blog. Depending on the amount of time you have on your hands, you... 

may only have time to write a letter to someone who needs one. Then stick a stamp on it and support the USPS! A bit more time to spare? Write a short story, something you can finish in two or three sittings. If you discover you just love it, then you might be compelled to find even more time to devote to writing Your Novel.

I really don’t have the time to write a novel. (Isn't that why we don't do it?) Running a small business takes many of my waking hours and I enjoy most every minute of it. But I do like to write and I welcome the chance I get to express myself in the blog posts I send from Tina’s Sedona. They take about four hours, spread out over 3 or 4 days, to come together. That seems to satisfy my itch to compose, re-write, and publish.

If you're considering a blog, here are 9 reasons to do it and 7 reasons not to. I began blogging years ago for Reason to Do It #8 . I’ve done blogs on being in love, running a veggie business from our garage, and cleaning house. That gave me the practice I needed to find my style and hone my skills. I agree with Reason Not To Do It #1. Dedication is a must. I tell myself that all blog posts, regardless of subject matter, document my life to one extent or another. The web is a repository, in some ways, of my life’s adventures and entrepreneurial pursuits. Someday I just imagine pulling them all together into a book. Secretly? Writing a book seems overwhelming to me. So these snippets of meaningful mind dumps are more my speed right now.

Now I blog as a mobile jewelry artist when I'm not striving to bring "something different" to the world of macrame, and to learn new skills to advance my artistry that recently produced what I call beaded embellishments. With the excitement of creating newness within my craft, I am tediously attempting something I call "beadscaping". I'm going to complete this project even if it kills me! LOL Here is a recent pic of progress I need to report on Instagram. Are you following me there yet?

Consistent posting is supposed to attract blog readers and, subsequently, discriminating jewelry buyers to my website. That said, I really do blog for the fun of it! My posts satisfy my urge to write and my need for a reason to write it down so I won’t feel like I’m just dabbling. It has to have meaning and make a difference-- maybe even inspire someone. So when I hear myself saying “This is probably just a waste of my time. Really, who is going to read this?” I hear the answer. “You have done some work for sure. But think of how you can look back and read all the things you have felt, experienced, accomplished and shared in writing!” Then I smile and say “If no one reads this, it’s still here waiting for me to enjoy it (again) down the road”. I honestly enjoy reading my old posts. They are good! Haven’t you read the diaries and journals you wrote 20 or 30 years ago? Don’t they show you from where and whom you have evolved? Personally, I love that feeling...

So what about you? I really don’t want to come off as someone who is nagging at you about writing down something valuable. And what you know is valuable, just sayin’. At least at some point, you used to think it was. There is still time to start that book, that blog... you already know what you are just dying to say! The memoirs you've been keen to put down for your family's legacy. The love that got away. The soulmate who healed your heart. Or your obsession with cooking, crafting, and creating. Your expertise in planning, building, thinking. Your adventures in travelling, love, life and friendships. ALL notable life skills and great stories that no one can reflect on and learn from if you don't get them down on paper or at least on your computer.

Before I close, I ask myself to consider these questions just as I ask them of you. Yes, there are some things we don't want to relive, yet sometimes writing down those things can help us understand them better. Or NOT. There are many things I choose not to put in writing. Why go there? Right?

  • What if you are capable of so much? Just incredibly adept in so many ways...

  • What capability do you choose to write about from that long list?

  • How can your knowledge serve others?

  • What will be your reward?

  • How have other writers gotten started?

  • What pushed them to write it all down?

  • How about writing down your pandemic experience with all its historical value?

In closing, all I can say is "If you have the itch, it’s time to scratch it."

Or in the words of an exceptional television show, L.A. Law of the late 80's genre: "Tick Tock, Arnie..."

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