Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Wall

No, not the wall you're thinking of. This wall, my wall, is in our living room that we are about to leave. It has been blank for over 3 years waiting for me to frame pictures and create a wonderful menagerie of artwork and crafty pieces to make some sort of artistic statement. I did all the mat board cutting and framing that I wanted to do. I just never hung them on the wall.

This week, as Nathan is closing up the yard he is finally getting to all the art projects he planned to do outside with leftover latex paint rescued from local recycling. Although his artistic technique has not changed, the colors schemes are totally different than others that have adorned our home over the years. I love them more than all the others he's done before!  Are they more precious now because we are leaving, he is losing his workspace, and I am giving up living space that I have nurtured for over 25 years?

The new pieces aren't even dry yet. Now I am left wishing that he had tackled them sooner so I could have put them up on the wall. But maybe I would not have, since I never got around to putting anything else up there. I guess there will always be some things that get put off until it's too late to do them. The message for me is that not everything in our lives will get completed, and as long as we are alive there is always something else to do! What does this say to you? If you can clarify the irony in all of this, please do.   

Now that I have fallen in love with them, I have spent half the day hoping we can find room for them in the car. That will not happen. Even if we could find room, there are layers of latex paint that are struggling to dry because "gobbing it on" is part of Nathan's technique. I've decided that I'll have to settle for remembering them in photos. Oh, and, of course, Nathan has assured me that he can always make more of them in the future. "But they won't look like these, honey!" And he likely won't get to them until the next time we are preparing to move on.  Sigh... 

My very favorite is the bottom one!

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