Friday, November 8, 2019

River rock pendant finally finished

My last post in August ended with intentions to complete a river rock pendant with an Idea I had just formulated. Well, that idea waxed and waned until October when I could finally get back to it. The result is something unique (for sure) but also comical. Every time I look at it I see a slug wearing suspenders! At three inches long, it will be a real topic of discussion for anyone who wears it. My next step is to suspend it from either leather or a chain. Even a thick cord or an elegant ribbon might work. How might you finish it?

Your Input Requested

The creative process usually leads to more creativity. The "opulent slug" at left has lead me to consider selling some of my pendants as separate items and, if desired, letting the customer decide how they want to display it, if they want it hung and, if so, on what material and with what type of closure. As a result, some of my beaded tube necklaces would no longer be enhanced with a pendant but would just drape one's neck with unadorned beauty. Since you are a prospective customer, I sure would like to know if this change would better encourage your purchase of a wire wrapped pendant necklace should you see one that you really like and have options to customize the final piece. I am pretty sure I would like to experiment with this idea. Your thoughts?

La Verkin Desert in September

Thanks to our valued customers for being so patient with the lack of correspondence. We took the month of October off to settle into our nest in La Verkin, Utah and explore nearby neighborhoods. The high desert is all around us and it took just 12 minutes to get to this spot on the outskirts of town. I hope you enjoy our "Adventure in Yellow" which inspired me to make this unusual necklace & earring set from yellow opals and tiger eye crystals which I bought at the Tucson Gem Show in January.

Tina Levy, Blogging Artist @tinassedona

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